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Product Care & Patina

Avoid any contact with water as vegetable tanned is a dry type of leather that will absorb water. In case you do, dry your item immediately by spreading the water out evenly. To avoid any problem with humidity, you can treat your vegetable tanned calf leather with a specific waterproof spray. Popular for its natural patina, the use of care products for this type of leather is not recommended during the first years. To clean your item, glycerin soap or water can be applied thanks to a soft cotton cloth, but make sure not to get the leather soaked, as vegetable tanned calf is not stable in water. The leather tends to discolor and become harder. If stained, applying any type of care product on a specific area might create a larger stain. Make sure to apply the chosen care product on the whole surface.

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Leathers & workshops

The leathers we use for our products are carefully sourced from the best in class French, Italian & Spanish tanneries.

These tanneries have decades (centuries for some of them) of experience in supplying the most exclusive manufacturers of luxury leather goods, and are at the forefront of sustainability practices in terms of water consumption and treatment of discharges (abiding by the highest standards of compliance).

They exclusively work with European animals bred for dairy and meat production, allowing them to have full traceability over their supply and ensure that the strictest animal welfare laws are enforced.

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Isaac Reina & his brand

Isaac was born in 1968 in Barcelona where he studied architecture before switching to fashion. In 1991, after finishing his degree, he started working for Antonio Miro on the men’s collections.

In the late nineties, his curiosity and quest for quality took him to Paris. Isaac Reina joined Hermès in 1998 at the men’s ready-to-wear studio directed by Véronique Nichanian. There, he worked on the entire male wardrobe at the exception of accessories.

In 2006, he launched his eponymous line of leather bags and accessories, while also collaborating with established fashion houses such as Martin Margiela and Balenciaga.

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