Care & patina

Avoid contact with water. Vegetable leather is particularly dry and has absorbent qualities that can cause blistering on the surface of an object that has been exposed to rain. In the event of contact with rain, wipe your object dry. A waterproofing spray can be used to protect the leather from the rain. As leather is renowned for its patina, the use of maintenance products is not recommended during the first few years of use. To clean your product, glycerine soap or pure water can be applied with a cotton cloth. Be careful, however, not to soak the leather too much, as this may discolor or harden it. In the event of a stain, apply the care product to the entire surface of your object (and not just to the affected area) to avoid widening the stain.

Leathers & Workshops

The leathers we use for our products are carefully selected from the finest French and Italian tanneries.

With decades (some of them centuries) of experience in supplying the most exclusive luxury brands, while applying best sustainable development practices in terms of water consumption and waste treatment (in compliance with the most stringent standards in force).

They work exclusively with European animals bred for milk and meat production, ensuring full traceability of their supplies and compliance with the strictest animal welfare laws.

Isaac Reina & his brand

Isaac Reina was born in Barcelona in 1968. He began studying architecture there in 1986 before turning to fashion. In 1991, on completing his studies, he worked alongside designer Antonio Miro.

In 1998 joined Hermès as assistant to Véronique Nichanian for the creation of the men's collections.

In 2006, he created his eponymous brand of leather bags and accessories, collaborating with established fashion houses such as Martin Margiela and Balenciaga.

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