The leathers we use for our products are carefully sourced from the best in class French and Italian tanneries. 

These tanneries have decades (centuries for some of them) of experience in supplying the most exclusive manufacturers of luxury leather goods, and are at the forefront of sustainability practices in terms of water consumption and treatment of discharges (abiding by the highest standards of compliance).  

They exclusively work with European animals bred for dairy and meat production, allowing them to have full traceability over their supply and ensure that the strictest animal welfare laws are enforced.

The products they use for tanning, retanning, dyeing and finishing the skins, when not natural, come from the best suppliers of tannery products and are strictly abiding by the strictest rules and standards in use.

Only such leathers, almost exclusively full grain aniline, guarantee our pieces to be long lasting and to age with an incomparable patina, on top of ensuring that our impact on the environment remains as limited as possible.



All our products are designed by Isaac Reina and his team and are all handmade in small batches by our network of highly experienced leather good makers based in France or in Spain.

Most of these small-scale workshops have been collaborating with us since the inception of the company in 2006, which guarantees that our products are handmade with the utmost care, and that they are genuinely improved over time thanks to the knowledge gathered over these decades of craftsmanship and comradeship.